Care of your furniture

Congratulations on your new Clipper Outdoor Furniture. We hope it gives many years of pleasure and good service.

  • Your furniture has been oiled with soya bean oil. You can maintain the same finish by applying soya bean oil with a cloth every 3-4 months. Other oil-based finishes can be applied over the oil, if desired. The oil is for appearance only, as kwila needs no preservation, and in time will weather to a silver-grey.
  • New kwila will bleed a brown tannin when it first gets wet. If possible, place your furniture outside on the lawn for a good stretch of solidly rainy days, or, if the weather is dry, hose it down with a decent amount of water pressure 2 or 3 times a day over two days, including underneath, allowing the furniture to dry off in between.
  • If tannin does get on decking or tiles, allow it to dry naturally. The rain and sun will reduce it to powder over time. Scrubbing may set the stain as it is a powder, and you risk rubbing it further into the surface. If the canvas covers become stained, this will either hose off, or if left in the sun the tannin will turn to powder and can be brushed away.
  • If your furniture needs cleaning, (in most cases only every second year) we suggest Wet and Forget. We don’t suggest waterblasting, as this damages the smooth sanded surface of your furniture.
  • Tighten chair fittings every year to protect the joints, using an allen key.
  • Our larger tables are very heavy, and though they are strongly made we recommend that if they are to be moved, they are lifted just off the ground, rather than dragged.
  • We give a five year guarantee on materials and workmanship, and will hold a record here of your name and purchase.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.

Kind regards,

Grant and Dorothy

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