Outdoor Solid Chairs in Auckland

Clipper Outdoor Furniture has been creating Quality New Zealand made outdoor furniture for more than 30 years! Our Outdoor Furniture is accessible direct from our manufacturing plant in Silverdale or on the web.

We Clipper Outdoor Furniture specializes in Outdoor Furniture which includes Outdoor Tables, Outdoor Dining Tables, Outdoor Coffee Tables, Outdoor Chairs, Outdoor Solid Chairs, Outdoor Canvas Chairs, Outdoor Sun loungers, Outdoor Bench Seats, Outdoor Swing Seats, Park Benches & all kind of Wooden Garden Outdoor Furniture in Auckland, NZ.

Our wooden outdoor chairs and benches look great in the garden, on the deck or patio, and as part of an outdoor dining setting.

We have a wide variety of Outdoor Chairs & Outdoor Solid Chairs on display in our showroom, and on this website, but if you don’t see what you want, ask us anyway – we may be able to help.

We got the Best NZ Made Outdoor Furniture in Auckland, New Zealand. Looking to buy Outdoor Chairs & Outdoor Solid Chairs in Auckland, NZ; Contact Us!